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Examples of NGCT’s Environmentally Friendly Efforts       

Windmills aerate our ponds.   Dry Hydrants protect our structures.
Two chicken houses repurposed for parking and for Canopy Command Center.   Portion of existing chicken house repurposed for guides and gear-up – “The Coop.”
Drainage system designed within old chicken house foundations to capture rain for Hilltop Pond.   Course designed to be eco-friendly and to be non-invasive to trees by Bonsai Design.
Rescued oak from fallen trees in Atlanta used for platforms   Repurposed logs from fallen trees on property for benches and tables.
Repurposed retention pond for scenic water feature (Hilltop Pond).   Installed Anderson windows with high R factor glass.
Installed Amarr garage doors to reduce energy needs.   Coca-Cola supplied recycling bins for cans and plastics.
Purchased used office equipment and furniture from Craig’s list.   Constructed public water system utilizing storage tanks to reduce pump size requirements.