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NORTH GEORGIA CANOPY TOURS™ moved from ground zero on August 1, 2009, to its Grand Opening on April 1, 2010, with concentrated effort, a virtual storm of activity, and the assistance of many friends. We express great gratitude for the assistance received from others. In particular, NORTH GEORGIA CANOPY TOURS™ would like to thank:

Roger and Kristi Rumbaugh for their support in spirit, ideas, loaned tools, trucks, and equipment, as well as for their watchful eyes, online expertise, regular rescues of one form or another, and for being the best neighbors anyone could wish for.

There are many additional neighbors to thank for support and contributions of ideas, observations, recommendations, historical information, and for spreading the word, including Bethel and Geraldine Wilson, Geraldine Free, Clifford and Margie Wilson, Terry, Wanda, and Mitchell Mintz, Junior Baugh, Steve and Tina Wilson, and others who expressed interest and excitement in our project and offered help and support.

William Sisum for his continuous efforts and enthusiasm, for his expert operation of the tractor, and for always being the one you can count on to immediately respond to any urgent or important need by others on the project.

Bonsai-Design for their superb design and implementation of the Tours layout. Led by Brandon Skupski, the Bonsai-Design team planned the course, selected and purchased the materials, and participated in the purchase of equipment and the training of guides. These accomplishments seemed to occur seamlessly only because of the constant attention of Charmaine Leonidas.