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"Flew the Coop at NGCT"

North Georgia Canopy Tours™ offers an adventuresome and unique five stage geocache at no cost.  Our five micro-caches use a variety of canisters hidden in the varied terrain of the property and building to the grand finale cache.

Created by Bonnie Nicklien, a geocache enthusiast, certified eco-guide at NORTH GEORGIA CANOPY TOURS™, fromer manager of Virginia Canopy Tours, and graduate of Georgia College and State University’s Physical Education program, our multi-cache is fun for all ages.  You will enjoy light to moderate hiking as you cover a distance of approximately one mile.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an enjoyable avenue to explore the outdoors.  Geocaching combines the skills used in orienteering, the technology of a Global Positioning System (GPS) device, and the challenge of a scavenger hunt to create a sport that is enjoyed all over the world.  To start the hunt simply plug in coordinates into your GPS device and follow the directions to find your first cache (a hidden canister).  Once you find the first cache, you will receive another clue to determine the coordinates to the next cache.

Check out this great article by Jenny at HobbyHelp for a detailed look at Geoching: