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Wolf Clan – Red Region

The Wolf Clan (Aniwaya) was the largest and most prominent clan - providing most of the war chiefs. This clan was known for being protectors of the people. They were keepers and trackers of the wolf and the only clan who could kill a wolf during special ceremonies. They had the responsibility to gather, develop, maintain, and teach the other members of the clan about protecting the environment and the wolf's habitat. Their Clan color is red and their wood is Hickory.

Hickory Teepee

The Hickory Teepee sleeps 10 people on twin bunk beds. Linens are not provided for this teepee. Located closest to the facilities and fire pit, this is a great choice for groups.

The Wolf Clan used the Hickory tree as their symbol. The Cherokee mixed the nuts of the hickory with cold water to make a rich, nourishing drink. The meat from the hickory nuts were pounded and boiled. Skimming the surface of the boiled nuts provided the Cherokee with butter. The bark was also used to weave baskets and make archery bows. Smoke from burning green hickory wood added flavor to the meat. The Hickory Teepee has a hickory branch painted around the opening of the teepee and a wolf painted on the backside of the teepee.